PT. Bestinova Alghanim Persada

We are PT BESTINOVA ALGHANIM PERSADA, are a company engaged in the heavy equipment sector
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PT BESTINOVA ALGHANIM PERSADA is engaged in general trading and services, distributors, suppliers and contractors. At the beginning of its establishment, PT BESTINOVA ALGHANIM PERSADA focused more on selling Doosan Forklifts, Doosan Heavy Equipment, Spare parts, procurement of goods, maintenance services and services to state-owned companies, private companies and government projects engaged in warehousing, loading unloading, ports and mining. In line with the development of the company PT BESTINOVA ALGHANIM PERSADA began to develop and expand its business in the fields of trading services, distributors and suppliers, construction, epoxy flooring, hardware, garment, catering and medical equipment.

In the era of globalization and advances in technology, economy and industry that require efficient and effective work mobility, PT BESTINOVA ALGHANIM PERSADA is ready to assist in providing trading services and suppliers of goods for warehousing, ports, mining, construction, industry and agriculture and we are ready to compete on a competitive basis healthy and strict with other companies engaged in the same field to be able to meet the needs of trading services and suppliers as desired by customers or partners.

We always emphasize the supply of quality goods, so we are ready to carry out long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation by providing the best service, optimally maintaining trust and satisfaction to meet the procurement of goods needed by customers or partners.


DOOSAN is a manufacturer from South Korea, formerly known as DAEWO which is produced by DOOSAN (one of the largest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world),
DOOSAN Forklifts are simple to operate, service and maintenance are easy, productive and durable.
Supported by very competitive prices & excellent after sales service as well as the availability of ready spare parts with our branches spread throughout Indonesia.
Regarding financing, we can help with the lease process with relatively light interest.
The population of our Doosan units is more than 5000 units working throughout Indonesia.
*) The population of Doosan Forklifts for classes 3 to 5 tonnes such as PLN (Persero), WIKA Beton, Hutama Karya, Krakatau Posko, KAI, Hankook Tires, Sumberdaya Sewatama, Director General of Sea Transportation, DUNEX and many more in other sectors.
*) The population of our Doosan Forklifts is for classes 16 to 25 tonnes such as BGR logistics, Sumber Rezeki heavy equipment rental, Sarana Mitra Luas Rental, WIKA Beton, Sinar Berlian Indrapura, Sumberdaya Sewatama, Cotrans Asia, Bongkarmuat Hastamuda and many more in the field other sectors.

-Forklift, Excavator, Wheel Loader, Dump Truck, Tractor
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Jl. Baitus Suruur Blok B No. 5 G, Cipondoh Tangerang 15146
Banten , Indonesia